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Public Service Announcement From The Social Security Administration

Public Service Announcement From The Social Security Administration

The following is an excerpt from the SSA requesting we help spread the word about people's personal "My Social Security" account.

As you know, Social Security is an integral part of everyone’s retirement plan, especially New York’s working communities, for whom our programs and benefits contribute toward their ability to age in place. Every worker should understand what their Social Security benefit will mean to them when they retire, especially the difference in monthly cash benefits at age 62 versus full retirement age, or later, up to age 70. By understanding the difference in monthly cash benefit amounts, workers then may make informed decisions about retirement. For workers with internet or smartphone access, that information is readily available through their personal My Social Security account.

A My Social Security account is the way to keep track of earnings and verify them every year, get an estimate of future benefits if still working, get a letter with proof of Social Security benefits if currently receiving them, and much more!

Setting up an account is quick, secure, and easy. Join the millions and create an account now!

You can help our communities take charge of their financial future by encouraging workers age 18 and older to register for their personal My Social Security account at Through their personal My Social Security account, workers may view their annual Social Security Statement, which shows how much they’ve contributed to Social Security and Medicare and what they might receive when they retire. If someone already receives a monthly Social Security benefit, My Social Security is the online service through which they may obtain proof of their monthly Social Security income.

Please consider sharing information about My Social Security with your network by linking to and making available our fact sheet, How to Create an Online Account, electronically or in print.

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